September 30, 2019
Download our latest single 'Dead Leaves' from the MUSIC page for a limited time! Featuring guitarist Mark King from the band Hinder as orchestral composer, this song is an epic, seven minute rocker. Get it now, before its too late.  Check out our Spotify page for unreleased material including a radio version of 'Dead Leaves'. Enjoy!

August 23, 2019
'THE GARDEN' is out TODAY! Listen to, or download our new full length album from your favorite music service. Individual tracks are now available for download on our Music page. Thanks for all of the support so far!

August 09, 2019 
The day has arrived! Our first new single 'STILL REMAINS' is now available at your favorite music outlet. Spotify - Amazon - iTunes ....

August 01, 2019
We are excited to announce our first single 'STILL REMAINS', now available for pre-order download. A massive orchestral hard rock tune with epic melodies and explosive lead vocals! Released worldwide on August 9th!!


Full Length Album out August 2019!

THE GARDEN - A journey through vibrant melodies and explosive soundscapes. Subtle sounds collide with massive orchestrations on this very exciting and dynamic record.

01. Fallen Apart
02. The Garden
03. High Water
04. End of The World
05. Still Remains
06. Burial
07. Forgotten
08. Dead Leaves
09. The Garden (Acoustic)
10. Forgotten (Acoustic)

Album Length: 49:12

iTunes - Amazon - Spotify - Deezer - Tidal

Produced by Shawn Sherwood
Mixed by Sam Koop
Mastered by Steve Kitch