BAND: credits

Canada-based hard rock band founded in the late 90's by producer/guitarist Shawn Sherwood. Powerful lead vocals of Michael Gildner, and the driving percussion of Brandon Davis & Kyle May accompany high-energy melodies, while orchestral soundscapes are composed by Logan Dougherty & Mark King. 'The Garden' album - Explosive orchestral rock is balanced with subtle elements throughout, to create a very dynamic listening experience.


Shawn Sherwood
- Guitars, Bass -

Michael Gildner
- Vocals -

Brandon Davis 
- Drums & Percussion-

featuring guest appearances by
Logan Dougherty 
- Orchestral Composer -

Michael Arrom
- Piano -

Bryan Daste
- Pedal Steel -

Mark King
- Orchestral Composer -

Kyle May
- Drums -

Chad Martin
- Guest Guitar Solo -


Final sound engineering by
Sam Koop 
- Mixing Engineer

Steve Kitch 
- Mastering Engineer - 


 See physical album notes for additional credit information.